How much do your packages cost?

Packages start at $695. Please fill out the "Session Information Form" below for a more detailed pricing information.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

If you are inquiring about a photo session, the best way to contact me is by filling out this form so I can provide you with a more detailed information: Session Information Form

All other inquiries, please email [email protected]

Do you provide outfits and props for the baby?

For newborn photoshoots - all props and outfits are provided and we constantly update our prop and outfit selection.

For 1st Birthday photoshoots - generally cake smashing outfit is provided. Clients are welcome to pick an outfit from MP studio collection that is available or bring their own for more formal pictures before the smash. 

All other sessions depend on the ages of the child. A wide variety of dresses are available for different ages. 

Do you provide a cake for 1st Birthday Photo Sessions?

No, due to the risk of allergies, the cake is not provided.

I am not creative, can you think of a fun idea for my child?

Absolutely, I can always come up with something creative for your child.

Can you do a Disney Themed photoshoot?

Using Disney characters would be considered a copyright infringement so I do not use Disney characters in photoshoots but can create a Disney theme inspired set up such as certain colors, balloons, etc. I love creating fun and unique setups that you won't see anywhere else so I encourage you to browse through some of the fun setups I have done.

Do you make balloon garlands for your photo sessions?

Where applicable. Many setups include balloons in one form or another but it all depends on the setup and what makes sense.

How far in advance should I book a First Birthday Session?

The earlier you book your session, the better I can customize it and accommodate your date as each session is unique and requires props or making certain things by hand.

How far in advance should I book a Newborn Session?

The earlier you book your session, the better I can customize it and accommodate your date. We generally book your due date and adjust the date as needed once the baby arrives. Booking early puts you on the calendar so that other sessions are booked around it. Most clients book in their 2nd Trimester.

My baby is older than 14 days, can we still do a newborn session?

Newborns are best photographed when they are still sleepy and curly which generally falls between 7-14 days. After that they start to stretch out as they learn about the world around them and some also develop baby acne. That said, I have done successful newborn sessions up to 4 weeks of age. Please keep in mind that if the baby is 3 weeks and older, they will most likely be more awake and some of the posing will not be possible. The sleepy, curly posing you've come to expect from newborn sessions are done when the baby is in deep sleep. 

Do you photograph 2 months old babies?

Sure, I photograph babies of all ages but please keep in mind that a 2 Month old baby cannot be photographed as newborns. Most common photographic milestones for babies are: Newborn (up to 14 days), Baby Around 4 Months Old (picks up and supports head well when on their tummy), Sitter Baby (6-9 Months) - sits well without assistance, One Year (9-12 Months) - begins to stand or stands unsupported.

Do you offer maternity pictures?

Yes, although I specialize in newborn and children photography, I photograph other sessions as well and you can see some of the different sessions in the gallery and instagram. 

Do you do mini sessions?

The short answer is "no". What is a mini session? A mini session is a discounted photo session with a custom setup that includes the same amount of work or even more to make it a certain theme but gives a client a significantly less time to be photographed. What do you, as a client, get out of this? A fast paced, rushed session with photos that are nowhere near perfect. At Magical Portraiture we choose quality over quantity. All babies are different and some need more time to feel comfortable during a photo shoot. At Magical Portraiture we make sure that every client gets the attention and time that is needed to achieve great photos.

Do you do holiday sessions?

Absolutely! I create many unique holiday setups for Hanukah, Christmas, New Year and can honor any other holiday request with enough notice. All holiday sessions are custom to each client just like all the other sessions.

How long does a photoshoot last?

That depends if you are booking a 1st Birthday, newborn baby, family, or any other photo session and the type of package you are purchasing as all require different times.

How long does it take to receive my images?

Generally 2-3 weeks but it all depends on the type of package that you are purchasing. If you are looking to receive photos for your child's birthday, the actual photoshoot date should be at least 3 weeks before the birthday but the booking should be done much earlier.

Do you give RAW or unedited images?

No, raw and unedited images are not provided nor shown.

How many images are included in my photo session?

That depends on the type of package you purchased. Please refer to the pricing summary.

Are your art images a ready template where you plug in a baby's face?

Never! All commissioned art is custom created for each client and painted.